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Dennett Road Manor Nursing Home, we are committed to helping our residents find the most appropriate setting when they are in need of LTC (Long Term Care) services. We are recognized in the community as experts in LTC; and, as a community provider, we pledge to deliver our services at the most affordable prices around.

Our local caregivers know and understand the needs of their neighbors, friends and relatives and provide for these needs in a compassionate, caring way. Our goal is to have our residents achieve their highest level of independence while being given services which protect dignity and quality of life. Our role is to help you help yourself so that you may realize the goal of attaining the highest functional well being. Call us for the care you need. Call us when you need to learn and know more.

Visit us when you need to make an important Long Term Care decision.

You win and gain an obligation. We can provide information to help you choose the most appropriate clinical setting for recovery and also educate you on what services are available in the area.... all at no cost or obligation to you.

Come and visit us before or at the time you need to make an important life decision about LTC services. We are committed to assisting you in finding the right service provider as we are truly a community provider.

Specializing in:  Skilled Nursing Care, Wound Management, IV Therapy Services, Respiratory Care, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech therapy

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